Website van Jaro Muller, Beeldend Kunstenaar in Hout

Welcome to my website.

I am a Dutch wood-carver and sculptor. The menu Profiel (Profile) reveals, in short, my background. To see more of my work, please click Beelden to see my sculptures and the button Panelen to set your eyes on my panels. Sieraden will show you some of my jewelry design. Expo reveals a list of exhibitions. Schilderijen (Paintings) will reveal my cow portraits. Whereas the Beweging (Movement) will show you my fascination for movement and stopmotion films. Cursus (Course) will show you show you more information about the workshops I am teaching, how to enter the workshops as well as some pictures of the workshops and its students. Opdrachten & projecten (Assignments and Projects) is about a small presentation of assignments and projects.The other buttons are self explanatory.

I hope you enjoy my wood-art.